Celebration was founded with the belief that people need to be involved in their community to be truly fulfilled.  The hope was, and continues to be, that Celebration will possess a community spirit that promotes this sense of belonging, shared values, and mutual dependence.  As stakeholders, the Foundation hopes to help members build a strong sense of community that will endure and thrive for generations to come.

Purpose: To consider the needs of individuals who reside in Celebration that face challenges as they age or manage a disability.

Goal: To enable residents to live in their own homes leading healthy, safe, independent and productive lives.

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Volunteer Services for Members

  • Companion Visits

    • Receive a regularly scheduled visit for updates to ongoing events and any recent community news
    • Choose your time and day
    • Receive a monthly calendar with all upcoming Thriving events listed
  • Daily Well Check Calls

    • Receive a friendly call Monday – Friday
    • Every day between 10am and 11am
    • Follow up contacts if necessary
  • Errand Assistance

    • Volunteers provide simple errand assistance within Celebration
    • Pick up and/or drop off packages and mail
    • Pick up and/or drop off dry cleaning
    • Return a library book
    • Merchandise returns or exchanges
  • Handyperson

    • Provides minor home repairs and/or maintenance
    • Change your lightbulbs or A/C filter
    • Tighten a doorknob or replace a washer in a leaky faucet
    • Assembling small items or hang pictures
  • Home Safety Review

    • Volunteers assess potential barriers, challenges, or hazards in the home
    • Receive a list of recommended simple modifications
    • Receive a home safety review report
  • Initial Assessment

    • Volunteers conduct in-home assessments and documents responses for all new members
    • Information is used to identify member interests, emergency contacts, household and demographic information
    • Volunteers conduct annual member satisfaction reviews
  • Newsletter

    • Receive a regularly scheduled newsletter with all upcoming Thriving and community events included
    • Your choice of Electronic or home delivery
  • Transportation

    • Available for select Celebration Foundation events
    • To and from medical appointments, the pharmacy, or the grocery store located within Celebration