Through the collaboration of the group called Osceola Connected; non-profits, businesses and faith-based organizations rallied around children with hunger issues in the county. The group launched Learning without Hunger to create county wide awareness of the needs of children. Over 1,200 children receive weekend food bags every week during the school year.

The Celebration Foundation is the lead agency of Osceola Connected which has also packed over 800,000 healthy meals of rice, lentils and dried vegetables for crisis food pantries in the county. In 2015, the group packed 15,000 snack packs for Osceola County children.

Please take a couple of minutes and listen to Connor’s story. Food is not a luxury. It is a basic necessity. Conner, like many Osceola County children and their families, struggle daily due to many reasons. They are grateful for the comfort a bag of food can help provide.

To make a donation, visit Support Us and click JustGive, write Learning without Hunger in designate my gift. To host a food drive, call 407-566-1234.